Die Geschichte einer Legende – The Story of a Legend

I’m currently working as a Rigger/Animator on the Movie-Project “Die Geschichte einer Legende” (Story of a Legend). I work on the digital character “Rupert”, scarecrow and imaginary friend to the children Tobi and Karl.

I can’t post any further updates, but if you’re interested you can visit the official website or support us on facebook to get further information. More Videos, especially the making-ofs from the shooting can be viewed here.


Update 25.03.2013:

Watch the latest Making-Of, this time starring the VFX-cast. You can also spot me saying a little about Rigging (in German):


Update 19.05.2013:

Another Postproduction-Making-Of exclusive to Facebook-Fans (for now). You can watch it here. See more of me talking about my work with the director and how I animated Rupert. You get also interesting insights in the audio-production with violins and McDonald’s paper cups.

Update 06.06.2013:

The Trailers are ready, Marvin Smith did a real good Master-Making-of and we made a nice VFX-Breakdown, which are all part of our final presentation that went really good yesterday. As soon as they hit public, I’ll let you know!


Faetured Articles about the Project:

Hier zählt die Gemeinschaft – Regionews.at

Raum für Fantasie – MediaBiz.at


“Kalliope” Youth Culture Award – 1st Price (article from kaerntenwelt.at)

Was’ sub?

Blue Toy Cannon BoatHere are two Teaser-Models for the upcoming short-movie “Das rote Meer”.

It’s about a game of “Battleship” where toy boats fight each other.The movie will feature fluid effects and ncloth-Simulation

I modeled the Toy Sub-Marine and the Toy Cannon-Boat.

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QPT2 – A VFX-Project

I’m currently busy working on our “QPT2″-Project for MultiMediaArt. Our team chose to shoot a VFX-Project. A Human with two upperbodys (one above, one below as his ‘legs’) is standing in an isolated room. The ‘creature’ is made up of real footage we shot two weeks ago. Two clips of the same actor will be combined in After Effects.

He gets hit by black paint drops, which transform into all sorts of metallic objects on his body. The process is a metaphor for ‘Id, Ego and Super-Ego’ by Sigmund Freud.

Stay Tuned!

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B.A.M. – Bad-Ass Motorsport Concepts

Crystal shaped Kart and two weapons2012, a new year with new challenges.
Last year, I fulfilled one of my childhood-dreams: Creating my own Cartoon and presenting it in front of a live audience. It’s just a short movie, but every dream starts with the first step.

I’m currently working on dream number two: I’m an integral part of the Art department of a student game. MultiMediaTechnology students are working on a Fun-Racer, which allows the player to select four customisable Power-Ups, which fall of after crashes. I delivered the concepts, an together with two other students I will also create some 3D-Content, as Karts and items.